The Reset

12 Week Program

New Year, New You!

I believe that it’s possible.

If you had enough of struggling to have a body that you would tack back in the mirror and say “You sweet off” because you are stressed out, you keep doing things for others and neglecting yourself then…

The Reset Program is what you need.

The Reset Program will help you to build the foundation that will finally get you feeling fit, fabulous and healthy in a satisfying and sustainable way.

Program Details

Runs from 3rd Jan – 26th Mar 2022

Price: Full payment of BDS$321 or 3 payments of BDS$107

2 "live" workouts per week plus 2 recorded workouts

Zoom workouts online on  Wednesdays 6:00pm  AST and Saturday 9am AST.


Individualised meal plan

Every woman is different and has different goals. The meal plan is customised to take the guess work out of eating right.

Access to JustCoach App

The program is delivered through an app. You will get reminders to keep you accountable and other goodies.


I wouldn’t leave you hanging. I will be here to support you over the 12 weeks with live weekly check-ins.

You have no problem using an app to access the program

All program support will be available via an app called JustCoach. There is a group chat component like WhatsApp where group interaction will take place.  The course content will be available via the JustCoach app as well so you will need space on your mobile phone or tablet.

You have basic equipment but bodyweight is ok.

For the Saturday exercise session called Banded, mini looped resistance bands and light dumbbells are used. You don’t have to get them right away but by week 5, they will be needed.

You are cool with soca music

Soca is used for most of the exercise programs so if you really don’t like it then you wouldn’t enjoy this program.

You aren't pregnant or 9 months or less postnatal

Pregnancy requires specialised attention and this program will not be the right fit. Likewise the postnatal period is a time for recovery especially if you have diastasis recti and/or c-section scar. I offer separate programs for these two life stages.

You love things Caribbean

The areas covered will relate back to most things Caribbean. Sharing culture, food, language and experiences is part of the program.