REAC Fitness Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain

Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pelvic Pain is a deep dive training program that applies evidence-based functional nutrition, and lifestyle medicine strategies to better support women with endometriosis, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysfunction, painful sex, PCOS, painful periods, and other common causes of chronic pelvic pain.  To effectively deal with Pelvic Pain, each of these areas are looked at:


  • Diagnosis – if possible/ necessary
  • Elimination Diet
  • Pain Science Education
  • Pelvic floor, and Pelvic Physical Therapy
  • Environmental Toxin Reduction
  • Social Environmental Toxin Reduction
  • Digestive Health and Elimination
  • Liver Support
  • Social Web of Support/ HPA Axis Optimization
  • Hormone Balance
  • Nervous System Optimization
  • The Bottom Line: Nourish, Sleep, Move, Support

So, How Does It Work?

  • This programme is dedicated to helping the client understand what’s happening. Knowing the why’s and how’s matter A LOT!
  • This programme will involve deep exploration of the source of pain and working with you to determine the best strategies specifically for you.
  • All sessions will be done online. There isn’t a need to be physically present in an office.
  • There is no set time frame for this programme. This aim is to get resolve your pelvic pain so it could take as little as 3 months or as much as a year.