12 Week Online Program

26th January to 13th April 2021

Your vagina is more than what you see. It’s what you see, plus everything inside your pelvis. 

Your pelvis is your power house!

I get it. We weren’t exactly taught about what’s inside our pelvises and how to take care of it. Unfortunately, we only notice when issues occur and might have been told to do Kegels or worst yet, nothing at all.  

Are you ready to reclaim your power?

You want strong but flexible pelvic floor muscles .

You suffer with sneeze pees, jump wee wees and cough farts.

You had children and down there doesn’t quite seem right.

You have a mild prolapse.

You are postpartum and want to gradually get back into exercise safely.

You want to reduce back pain.

You want to build a strong core.

You want to learn the proper foundation of movement patterns like squats and lunges.

You feel “dead” down there and desire to feel alive and juicy again.

You want to make sure that your vag is maintained well.

You want to learn to wukup.

*Please note that you have to complete the screening form first. The enroll button will take you there.

Program Details

Weeks 1 – 4  Focus on core strengthening, mobility and pelvic floor activation.

Weeks 5 – 8  Focus on pelvic floor activation simultaneously with body weight movements, mobility and slow wukups.

Weeks 9 – 12  Focus on pelvic floor activation simultaneously with movements using resistance bands, mobility and fast wukups.

1 "live" workout per week

Zoom online session on Tuesdays 5:45pm to 6:30pm EST.


Home work

Home work based on movements done in class. These will be follow along videos for you to practice.*


I wouldn’t leave you hanging. I will be here to support you over the 12 weeks.

Plus you get access to:

Menstrual Cycle 101 Mini Course.  Even if you no longer have a period, it’s still good to understand the hormones within.*

Eating right for a healthy poom (vagina) Mini Course – talk about foods to make sure she is healthy.*

( *accessible only via JustCoach App)

Full price of BDS$260 or Only 3 payments of BDS$90

*Payment is also available via PayPal in USD