Pregnancy is period of growth, a time when your body will go through many changes until the big day. You are growing a human being inside of you and you may feel as though you can’t keep up with the changes that happens daily. This feeling is normal, perfectly normal.

Mum-me 2 B is the program that you have been waiting for. It’s one on one program so you will get all the attention that you need.

You will focus on:

  • Mind/Body – which involves relaxation techniques that will be useful during labour. The more relaxed you are, the more the hormone oxytocin is released.  (Oxytocin causes the muscle of the uterus to contract during labour so that the baby can be pushed out). Centering techniques help you to be aware of your body before any movement.
  • Strength – Due to the changes in your body, some muscles need extra strengthening. These muscles are upper back, abdominals, pelvic floor, glutes (buttocks) and hamstrings.  Strength training will also prepare you for the second and third stage of birth (strength test).
  • Flexibility – Hip flexors, lower back and chest muscles become short and tight. Stretching these areas will help to reduce any discomfort that you may have.
  • Special Exercises – include Kegel exercises, pelvic floor strengthening, birth squats, carpal tunnel syndrome release exercises and others.
  • Cardiovascular – low intensity aerobics class choreographed to fun music. Cardiovascular activity will improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen to your baby as well as preparation for the first stage of labour (endurance activity).

Duration – As long as you wish. Clients usually work up to due date.

Cost – BDS$300 per four weeks.