12 Week Program

Are you a professional/entrepreneurial Caribbean woman who is struggling because you are stressed out, keep doing things for others, keep neglecting yourself,  find it hard to have a body you would tack back in the mirror and say “You sweet off” and  can’t seem to add flavour and colour to your life?

You no longer have to struggle.

FITher Revolution will help you to go from burning out to burning bright through simple, satisfying and sustainable principles of:

Program Deets

2 "live" workouts per week

Zoom workouts online on Mondays and  Wednesdays 5:30pm to 6:15pm.


One at home dance session

A pre-recorded dance workout session will be provided for you to do solo. Wuk-ups and soca of course!  Or you can choose your own workout.

Online course work

Course work will be based on the 5Fs outlined above. Yes you gotta do some work but it would be easy!


I wouldn’t leave you hanging. I will be here to support you over the 12 weeks.

You love soca and wuk-ups

This is all part of the program so I will reference these things. If you are conservative and they don’t mesh with you then you will not enjoy this program.

You have no problem using an app to get course info.

All program support will be available via an app called JustCoach. There is a group chat component like WhatsApp where group interaction will take place.  The course content will be available via the JustCoach app as well so you will need space on your mobile phone

You aren't pregnant or 9 months or less postnatal

Pregnancy requires specialised attention and this program will not be the right fit. Likewise the postnatal period is a time for recovery especially if you have diastasis recti and/or c-section scar. I offer separate programs for these two life stages.

You are between the ages of 30 and 50

The program will focus a bit on the menstrual cycle and how to structure meals, workouts and destressing around it. Yes, in peri-menopause stage, you will still have a period but it’s a bit different due to various changes like hot flashes, insomnia, moodiness, irregularities etc. You can still benefit however just note I wouldn’t be addressing peri-menopause symptoms.

You are a Caribbean woman or have Caribbean linege

The areas covered will relate back to most things Caribbean. Sharing culture, food, language and experiences is part of the program.

Full price of $495 or Only 3 payments of $165