Hey, I'm Renee!

Hey, I'm Renee!

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

My mission is to help women transform their lives through 3 Fitness Flow Principles. I learnt that going after a transformation without understanding the importance of any of these kept me and women stuck.

Some background stuff about me

I’m a foodie. I love to eat and try new foods.
I love cartoons whether 3D like Finding Nemo or 2D like the Little Mermaid, once it is a cartoon I will watch it.
I just love to dance especially to Soca. “Soca does give me meh powers.”
I have to travel every year, doesn’t matter where. That is the explorer in me.

And of course I can’t omit the more “serious” stuff

I am an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.
I am a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach (the highest level).
I am a Dancing Thru Pregnancy Pre/Postnatal Fitness Group Instructor & Personal Trainer
I have a Bsc in Information Technology – Upper Second Class Honours
I am Culinary Nutrition Expert

And now my story

Fitness is imprinted in my DNA. With two athletic parents, it’s no wonder I was born with a passion for health.
As a child, you’d find me dancing, climbing trees, swimming, running, playing netball, and dolling up in my mum’s clothing. I was really into me until puberty hit. I went from being confident, courageous, and charismatic to being insecure, sulky, shy and withdrawn. All of a sudden I felt disconnected from my physical self. I felt skinny. It was like something was ripped from me. Boys didn’t look at me the way I longed for them to. For the first time I hated my reflection; I hated my body.

My hamster-on-wheel stage began. I tried every workout and diet you could think of but yet my body remained the same. Nothing, I mean nothing seemed to work. No matter how hard I tried, I was left feeling defeated, broken, and ugly. My “record” was stuck on:

“You will always look bad.”

“You will never look sexy.”

“You ain’t never gonna change.”

“You will never be beautiful.”

“Bout time you stopped. Just give up.”

Something was off—and it wasn’t what I was eating or how I was moving. There had to be something else going on but I wasn’t quite sure. While struggling to get my body to look the way I wanted, something else surfaced. I realised that I struggled with other areas in my life too. I was thinking, what else could possibly go wrong. It felt as though I was constantly fighting. I got tired. Tired of trying to get my body to look “right”, tired of trying to improve my life. I was ready to call it quits until I decided to try one more approach. I enrolled in a personal development program and that’s when I got my “Ah ha” moment. The things I learnt just opened my eyes to a new concept. It finally became clear that the missing link was my mindset. No wonder I kept failing, I wasn’t in the right headspace. The day I stopped being so hard on myself and started from a place of accepting my current body, my physical self started to blossom. How could something so simple be so powerful? I was in disbelief for a while but the physical evidence didn’t lie.

I started thinking that if this worked for me then it could work for many women too. I realised I could help women to experience freedom and transform the way I did by showing them this approach. I couldn’t keep what I learnt to myself, I needed to share this.

Fast forward to today, I have created a method of transforming lives using 3 Fitness Flow Principles; mindset, nutrition and exercise. All of my products and programmes are structured around this and it doesn’t matter what stage of the female lifecycle you are in.

You will achieve balance, you will evolve and you will transform.