General Fitness

  • Fat Loss
  • Core Strength
  • Tone Up
  • Healthy Eating

Specialty Programmes

  • Nutrition For Chronic Pelvic Pain
  • After Baby Postnatal Program
  • Mum-me 2 B Prenatal Program

It was excellent. The talk sessions in addition to the exercise made it more enjoyable. It created a forum for the group and a source of motivation and inspiration. My pelvic floor muscles are stronger and I am breathing better.

Kerri-Anne Brathwaite

I was apprehensive about the program however I found beneficial and positive elements in the program. Just do it, Renee is helpful for all round fitness and well being of the whole body, mind. Very Knowledgeable and supportive.

Zara Adam

I never paid attention to my core. Did not realise the muscles in my centre actually existed. My back pain is not as intense, I am more balance in my life and it helped me to heal from the inside out.

Melinda Belle

The experience was interactive, I gained knowledge, gained new tactics to deal with certain things including life and daily things. Gained knowledge from listening to others in the group.

Beverly Lynch

Enrolling in the Holistic Core Restore Program was a great decision for me. When I first read about the program, it was definitely something I needed to be a part of. Struggling physically, mentally and emotionally with the loss of a baby, I felt as if my life was just going in all different directions. The program offered me a space each week to really focus on me and quiet myself.

Katrina Collymore

The experience was refreshing and started off with each session with topics very important to my health needs especially in pregnancy including toilet hygiene and stress. The session which targeted my core and pelvic floor muscles were just what I wanted to do given my fears with getting back to fitness and healthy during pregnancy. Finally, the homework was a continuation of in class session and allowed me to focus on my core and pelvic muscles more than one day a week, I look forward to continuing.

Rogeolle Morris

Since working with Reneé, I can honestly say I’m better able to manage my stress and I am more aware of posture and how much my core can affect so much going on in my body. I am also aware of correct breathing techniques and how nutrition affects the body as a whole. I have had my diastasis recti close more than when I started.

Kimberley Moe

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