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Finally, I will be opening my studio, in my own space.

This is a huge step and it is scary.  A lot of what if’s are coming up in my mind. What if I don’t get enough people, what if after all this investment I realise that this isn’t what I want to do, what if I burn out, what if… That plays in my mind every night and I could have taken the ease road out and not bother. But I did bother. I bothered to apply to the Incubator Program, I bothered to ask people for help, I bothered to invest money because I can see a bright future. I am not contented to stay at the level that I am at. I just can’t.

When was the last time you were bothered enough to take a step forward?  Have you encountered those What If’s and then decided not to do anything?  Looking back at that, how does that make you feel? Are you any better now than you were back then?  I don’t mean to make you feel bad but I just want you to be bothered. Bothered enough to take charge of your life and where it’s going. You might think that everything is going bad for you but in reality it’s not. Seeing past the fog isn’t always easy but I encourage you to step forward, be bothered.

Freedom, Love and Happiness