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I’m Latoya and I’ve been participating in the class for the past 4 months. It is very exciting, energizing and fun. During the workout, we participate in various stretches, breathing techniques, and even a little Zumba session. I never thought exercising during pregnancy could be so much fun. The exercises are simple to do, so anyone who is pregnant and still wants to look well toned, loves to dance or just want to learn to what to expect during labour and what techniques can be used to help, this is the class for you. I can guarantee you, that after one workout with Renee, u will feel sexier than ever. Try it and you’ll see. I’ve already spoken to her regarding post-natal classes, that’s how excited I am.

Latoya Greaves

Patient of Dr. Hugh Thomas

Being part of the Mum-me 2 B Fitness Series is incredible! Whilst at the doctor, I was introduced to Renee and decided to join the program and never once regretted it.

The exercises are wonderful, they help expecting mummies stay in shape, one thing I thought, was pregnant women had to take it easy and exercise very slow; that I realized was not true especially with the aerobics session.

We do various exercises: strengthening, breathing, relaxation, stretching, cardiovascular… when combined helps you stay in great shape. I feel healthy and overall better about myself and thank God for the opportunity to be able to exercise during pregnancy.

I would encourage any woman who is pregnant to join the class, it’s a wonderful experience! A great program to follow when expecting and I am sure benefits will be achieved and goals will be reached in order to maintain a good weight throughout pregnancy.

Thank you for all your support and experience as a trainer. I really do appreciate it.

Janalee Harris

Patient of Dr. Tracy Archer

I joined the Mum-me 2 B class in my 20th week of pregnancy. I have found them to be very useful; not only in preparing me mentally and physically for welcoming my baby into this world but also in informing me of safe exercises that I can do on my own.
Renee had been very professional and makes the time to check-in on her preggers outside of class times: diet, doctor’s visits etc
I would recommend it to anyone; I would further recommend that you commence the classes earlier.

Toni Moore

Patient of Dr. James Boyce

Hmmm…. Where do I start? When I first started 3 months ago I was definitely in a crisis. Weight, stress and lifestyle were totally out of control. Renee systematically fixed that. What I love the most is the way you listened and supported me. You understood and made recommendations, that were specific to what I needed at the time. I was at ease being honest with you. As a direct result of your coaching I have adjusted my eating in a tremendous, more healthy way. The best part about my new eating habits are that I am COMFORTABLE with them. I’m not miserable…this makes all the difference for my long term success. I APPRECIATE YOU!!!

Danielle Doughlin

Eat To Thrive Nutrition Coaching

Thank you for being the motivator that you were even when I’m being a total flake. My weight is not where I want it to be yet but I feel better in my skin and for me that’s half the battle. I’m a work in progress and I refuse to give up on myself.


Body Rise

I am Tricia. I was not a physically active person and my diet was not that good either. I was privileged to be part of a REAC Fitness group which we referred to as Madame Transformers and that was one of the most life changing episodes. I personally believe that I am moving into the best me that I can possibly be and I am enjoying every step of this journey. I can see the progress, just not in my physical body but also in my mind. I am going to push through this and it develops within you a heart and desire to do better.


Rock Your Body Experience

I started with the 12-week programme in July, 2014. This is a bad analogy, but with the other programmes I tried, it was like the trainers handed me a fully iced, two-tier chocolate cake with sprinkles and a cherry on top. All I had to do was eat it. Easy, right? Wrong! Renee, on the other hand, gave me the method for making the cake and she helped me to put the layers together, frost it and add the sprinkles and cherry on top, but I had to come up with the ingredients on my own. Renee provided all of the steps I needed for success on my journey – a comprehensive exercise programme and the motivation to workout outside of her weekly sessions, nutrition guidelines for each meal that incorporated small changes to my existing diet, and the coaching I needed to get my mind in the same place as my body. Let me explain…

Because of Renee’s approach, even if you hate the gym or exercising in general, you end up falling deeply in love with it. I attended two or three sessions on the same days and at the same times each week. And, just like I added appointments and work assignments to my schedule, I added my workouts. This encouraged me to remain committed and I was highly annoyed when I was forced to miss the exercise sessions because of work. What I enjoyed most was the variation. Although we had a routine, Renee switched things up often, constantly building on what we had done before, so it never got boring and I was always improving. I supplemented these sessions with Pilates and dance classes. I was stronger, fitter, and my endurance, posture and technique had improved

It is hard when people tell you that you can never lose weight, and that you will always be big so you should just accept it, and even harder when you convince yourself that the things people tell you are true. Even when you see results, you tend to doubt yourself and the progress you have made. But I am here to say it can be done, with the right tools and the right support. For me, that was REAC Fitness and Renee. It is a constant process, so it is never complete, but the journey is well worth it.


Rock Your Body Experience

I enjoy training with ReacFitness because the approach is holistic. It provides exercises catered to and best for women, a lifestyle approach instead of periodic dieting approach, interactive activties that inspire and lasting results. Its the right fit for me.


Body Rise

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