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Saturday was the wedding of one of my tea time buddies and it was lovely.  Being there made me realise how important she and my other tea time buddy are to me. Celebrating that moment was filled with awesome feelings. You see, we go to break at 10am Monday to Friday. You maybe wondering what is so special about tea time. Believe it or not, this is a brain process that is more important that any of us may realise.

The tea time break does many, many things

  1. Change of environment. It is like an adventure to get to the kitchen. I am “picked” up from the junction and we travel in our “car” to the kitchen.
  2. Actual movement helps with the postural issues. Most people sit most of the day which is detrimental.
  3. Each of us have roles which brings about synergy. I wash cups, Neisha dries and Lekeska makes the tea. We all have a sense of purpose in this tea making process, no woman left out.
  4. We have a chit chat about important things, unimportant things but we laugh. And as they say, laughter is good for the soul.
  5. It is a time to get in my protein shake which is part of my transformation. Pairing a new habit (in my case drinking protein shake) with an old habit (tea time break) helps to set the new habit quicker in the brain.
  6. Warm tea soothes us especially if work started off challenging.
  7. Most importantly, we connect.

And that’s the whole point of it, connection. On a brain level, we all need connection. No matter how much we may say “Oh I don’t need nobody, I can do this on my own.” LIES. When we have good connections, we flourish. We are calmer, we satisfy that emotional need. Guess what?  When that is satisfied, our moods are improved. Improved moods mean we are more likely to do things and be open to trying new things. It is a part of transformation. Without connections, we will be stuck in our little bubbles thinking that we don’t need nobody and try to do things ourselves, just going around in circles. That action right here HAMPERS transformation, whether physical or mental.

So if you are that woman, that don’t need nobody or think female connections are useless, think again. I was once that woman too but by having this simple but very effective tea time connection going, I am a lot happier.

What will you do to improve your connections?  Feel free to let me know.

P. S My Tea Time Chicas are AMAZING!!!  Don’t hate, form your own tea time crew.

Freedom, Happiness And Balance