Women Only!


3rd December 2018 to 31st January 2019



…to REAC Fitness Roundtrip 60 Day Countdown Challenge.


No controlling eating during the holidays, no advise on how to eat smart during the holidays… This challenge is different from that because I am curious about what would really happen during the holiday season hence why I created this challenge.


For December you get to eat and drink what you like and even exercise if you feel like. Then in January, you will flip the switch, you will start the “clean up” process.  All you have to do is show up everyday by showing me what you are eating, drinking and enjoying yourself publicly either FB group (open) and/or Instagram and take measurements using a measuring tape.  I will be giving you tips in the Facebook group as well.



Let’s Go!


Destination 1:  Indulge Land – This is the time for you to fully enjoy the season. No restrictions, no guilt, no shame

Show me what you are eating via FB and/Instagram.

Show me what you are drinking via FB and/Instagram

If you feel to exercise, do that, if not that’s cool as well.

This challenge will be delivered via Facebook so you will need a Facebook account to participate.

Keep track of your measurements so you can really determine what is going on with your body and show me via FB and/Instagram

Keep a personal note on how your body feels

That’s all you have to do from 3rd December to 2nd January (I know Old Year’s night into New Year is a Fun time too)

Then 3rd January you arrive at Destination 2: Reset Paradise

This is the time to start the “clean up” process and also start with your New Year’s resolutions

Again you will do the same steps as done in Destination 1 – Indulge Land by showing me how you are cleaning up your nutrition, continue to take measurements and add in movement. I will provide tips on resetting but if you need structure and more help from me, then you can register for The Reset program which starts 7th January. The Reset is a paid program.


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