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REAC Fitness offers a variety of programs to help you to become the best version of yourself. Please see below on the services offered.


We all want to feel good, look good and have energy. We often look for a magic pill or quick fit to help but it doesn’t always turn out the way we expected. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a struggle, painful or restrictive like most diets are. Eating healthy is about eating foods that you enjoy eating and are at the same time nourishing you.

We know it maybe a bit difficult to navigate this on your own. We know that you are tired of failing so we have a different approach. We believe in an approach that gets you eating foods based on your goals that fit within your lifestyle.  We offer a variety of individual nutrition coaching services that will help you on your journey.


Becoming a REAC Fitness Iron Flower

Who is she? 
She is strong yet delicate.

She isn’t controlled or consumed with diets, counting calories, restrictions, starvation. She allows herself to enjoy what she EATS knowing that she is nourishing her body at the same time. She doesn’t allow herself to walk down the hall of shame because she indulged.

She knows that PLAY is very important. Not only does it get her into shape, she sees it as enjoyment and a way to challenge herself. She moves, pushes, pulls, squats, dances and all the stuff that feels good and right for her body.

Then she LIVES. She knows that me-time is super important. Having positive connections and being open to receive love. Everyday she writes a leaf in her story book of life. She laughs a lot and lives life out loud. She doesn’t hide her ‘dark’ emotions either. She speaks her truth She is open to experiences and is constantly learning and growing. Stress doesn’t suck the life from her because that is not an option. She seeks out help so that she can continue to evolve.

Isn't about time now that you REAC?

Let’s get it!