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Amanda's Success Story with REAC Fitness
I bought my first size 4 pants in October 2015. I picked out a size 10 at first because I figured that was my size. I can only ever recall wearing sizes 12, 14, 16 and 18, but I know that I had lost some weight, so I picked up the size 10.

The sales clerk said, “No man, try an 8.” Reluctantly I walked to the dressing room and tried the size 8. It was too big. She brought a 6, and that was too big. She brought a size 4 and I gave her the side eye, thinking to myself, “Does she really expect this to fit me?”

It fit!

And it was a bittersweet moment; confirmation that my body had indeed changed but that I still had issues that I needed to address. Read the FULL story… Amanda

REAC Fitness Client

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