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Yes you read it right. So when was the last time you had one? Oh sorry let me explain what it is and then you would know if you ever experienced one. So I asked my clients and friends what they think a foodgasm is and below are some definitions.

  • It’s the pleasure you feel from eating certain foods
  • Foodgasm is a real experience in your food
  • That sweet feeling you get when you use good looking food or eat something that is delicious

And just to add on my bit, it is also about feeling good about your choices after consuming food.

Just in case you don’t feel like reading, you can watch the video below:

You can’t get a foodgasm from “dieting” because there is no joy in a lot of the diets out there. Dieting takes away your freedom and when freedom is taken away, you don’t experience any type of pleasure.

So how can you get a foodgasm?

  • Remove the word diet from your mind and replace with lifestyle eating
  • Add colour to your plate
  • Use lots of spices to create different flavour profiles
  • Use fancy plates
  • Incorporate different food textures
  • Be mindful and slow down when you are eating
  • Use your 5 senses when you eat
  • Eat food that will not throw you into guilty feelings and shame

Hope these pointers are helpful and if you want more information around this, check my FB page about eating with the senses.

Now go forth and give yourself a big, sweet foodgasm!

Freedom, Happiness, Balance