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Amanda’s Story: How She Sculpted Her Body, Shaped Her Mind And Transformed Her Life


I bought my first size 4 pants in October, 2015. I picked out a size 10 at first, because I figured that was my size. for I can only ever recall wearing sizes 12, 14, 16 and 18, but I know that I had lost some weight, so I picked up the size 10. The sales clerk said, “No man, try an 8.” Reluctantly I walked to the dressing room and tried the size 8. It was too big. She brought a 6, and that was too big. She brought a size 4 and I gave her the side eye, thinking to myself, “Does she really expect this to fit me?” It fit. And it was a bittersweet moment; confirmation that my body had indeed changed but that I still had issues that I needed to Coconut address.

Two years ago, I was setting down on paper all of the goals that I needed to achieve before I turned 30. I was just about to turn 29, so Suspendisse I’d have had exactly one year. I created an electronic mood board of sorts with goals relating to every aspect of my life. I was extremely unhappy at the time and I knew that there were many things that I needed to change.

At the top of my list was health and wellness. I wanted to improve my insulin especially, since it is hard to manage with PCOS, cholesterols, triglycerides and glucose level; increase not only exercise, but also activity levels; eliminate processed and sugary Pac-Man drinks and foods; drink at least 8 glasses of water a day; sleep 7-9 hours a night; and water surround myself with positive, supportive people. I knew what I needed to do but I was not motivated to do it, at least not on my own. At my heaviest I weighed 209 lbs, and I tried several different approaches, but it was only on joining REAC Fitness that I made any real progress.

I started with the Rock Your Body Experience 12-week programme in July, 2014. This is a wholesale jerseys bad analogy, but with the other programmes I tried, it was like the trainers handed me a fully iced, two-tier chocolate cake with sprinkles and a cherry on top. All I had to do was eat it. Easy, right? Wrong! Renee, on the other hand, gave me the method for making the cake and she helped me to put the layers together, frost it and add the sprinkles and cherry on top, but I had to come up with the ingredients on my own. Renee provided all of the steps I needed for success on my journey – a comprehensive exercise programme and the motivation to workout outside of her weekly sessions, nutrition guidelines for each meal that incorporated small changes to my existing diet, and the coaching I needed to get my mind in the same place as my body. Let me explain…

Because of Renee’s approach, even if you hate the gym or exercising in general, you end up falling deeply in love with it. I attended two or three sessions on the same days and at the same times each week. And, just like I added appointments and work assignments to my schedule, I added my workouts. This encouraged me to remain committed and I was highly annoyed when I was forced to miss the exercise sessions because of work. What I enjoyed most was the variation. Although we had a routine, Renee switched things up je often, constantly building on what we had done before, so it never got boring and I was always improving. I supplemented these sessions with Pilates and dance classes. I was stronger, fitter, and my endurance, posture and technique had improved.

In other programmes I was handed a meal plan that I had to follow, and even if there were items on it I did not like I was forced to stick with it. However, Renee provided guidelines for our meals. We were allowed to select exactly what we wanted to eat and with her help, each day we were encouraged to make changes to our diets. She never gave us a set meal plan, but we had all the information we needed for food groups to choose, ingredients to avoid and most importantly, portion sizes. So one day our goal may have been to add an additional serving of vegetables to a meal, eliminate foods with wheat, or drink an extra glass of water. And yes, Borchers we had homework too. Because we made changes over time, rather than all at once at the beginning of the programme. I found that even after the programme had ended and I didn’t have that constant guidance I was still able to maintain my eating habits. I appreciated that aspect the most. Whilst we ate mostly unprocessed foods, these changes meant that we had to read food labels, be aware of ingredients, and make better decisions. I hated to cook before, but during the programme I found that I was cooking every day, I would find recipes to improve on the taste of foods, plan and prepare meals ahead of time, and ensure I had a packed lunch with healthy snacks included. Everyone enrolled in the programme communicated daily, and we would share recipes, food suggestions, etc. so this group-approach too was a highlight for me. It meant I was always surrounded by women who were going through the exact same thing.

Health and wellness isn’t just about exercise and nutrition, so Renee also helped me to adjust my mind-set, encouraging meditation, self-discovery and self-reflection. This is the hardest part of the journey, and a year and a half later it is the part that I am still working on. It is hard when people tell you that you can never lose weight, and that you will always cheap nba jerseys be goal big so you should just accept it, and even harder when you convince yourself that the things people tell you are true. Even when you see results, you tend to doubt yourself and the progress you have made. But I am here to say it can be done, with the right tools and the right support. For me, that was REAC Fitness wholesale mlb jerseys and Renee. It is a constant process, wholesale nba jerseys so it is never complete, but the journey is well worth it.