Women Only!

8th October to 28th October 2018


…to REAC Fitness 21 Day Experience. First things first – you need to know this is going to challenge you a bit. Not knowing what to do isn’t the problem, it’s lack of implementation. Change is never easy but it can be fun once you have the right environment. That’s usually working with women that are striving for the same goals as you and having the support and encouragement from each other.


Let’s Go!


How does it work?

You will be responsible for crafting and executing your own workouts, at least 3 days per week.  Don’t worry, templates will be provided if needed.  You can do your workouts at home, at the gym, with a trainer…it doesn’t matter. Once you get your workouts done.

Nutrition will be the tough one. No cheat days, just following what is allowed during the 21 days. It will be mainly whole unprocessed foods so no need to fear restriction. Nutrition templates will be given so no guessing about what and when to eat.

Support will be key in the challenge. You will not be alone. It is certain that you will want to quit, you will want to cheat, and you will want to throw in the towel. The Facebook group is the place for support. Daily inspiration will be there for you as well.

This challenge will be delivered via Facebook so you will need a Facebook account to participate.

And you will be awarded virtual badges. It feels good to see your name on the “score” board.

Show me that you are doing the work by posting pictures of your meals and workouts.  You will accumulate points and virtual badges will be given based on point standing.

Added Bonuses  – Facebook Live on planning for the New Year and a special Para Mi Challenge.

Just BDS$60/US$30 for this challenge. Are you ready?

Challenge runs from 8th October to 28th October.

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